HTML marquee Tag Provide free legal aid to poor citizens.                                                गरीब नागरिकों को मुफ्त कानूनी सहायता
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    Our Social Services

    senior citizens

    senior citizens may be the back bone of our society, because of their experience and practical wisdom. But, instead of respecting them, they are forced to live a life of misery.

    child abuses

     Violence against children is widespread and remains an unfortunate reality for millions of children from all socio-economic groups in India. 

    matrimonial afffairs

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    social awareness regarding legal rights

    Legal awareness lies at the base of any effort toward legal empowerment.

    women empowerment

    Crimes against women are increasing each day and today women are not safe, even in their own homes.  It is very important for every woman in India to know the laws that are put in place to protect them.

    law of the land

    Land is one of the most coveted assets in India, which also makes it the most disputed. And fragmented laws and lack of awareness of existing regulations do not help in any way.